Andover Residents Targeted by Night Time BurglarsAndover residents are being targeted by thieves in the area, breaking into homes whilst residents sleep in their beds.

Over the weekend, Facebook was awash with posts from people who had either had their homes broken into and had personal belongings and items of value stole, or those woken in the night during an attempted break in.

One resident on Augusta Park reported, “Someone tried to get into my house at 1am this morning. Thankfully Jack (clever pooch) went nuts barking and warned us. The police said to call it through on 999 if anyone hears anything again as someone is ‘doing the rounds’ looking for targets.”

A couple in Colenzo Drive fell victim to a break in on Friday night/Saturday morning. The burglars broke in and took cash, credit cards, phones and various other personal items. The home owner’s handbag was later found discarded in Colenzo Drive.

At the point of publication, the thieves have not ventured upstairs, and residents are advised to double check all windows and doors are secure before going to bed.

Police in Andover are investigating following a number of burglaries which took place in the Alamein and Harrow Way areas.

Inspector Paul Markham, responsible for neighbourhood policing in the area, said: “Since December 1, there have been seven overnight burglaries.

“We have increased patrols in the area and investigations into the burglaries are ongoing.

“In many of these incidents, doors and windows have been left open or insecure and that’s how offenders have got in. Please ensure that doors and windows are locked securely at all times. Don’t leave your homes vulnerable.”

There are certain measures you can take to reduce the likelihood of becoming a victim yourself, such as:

• Don’t leave curtains/blinds open, and don’t leave valuables on show.

• If you are going away, ask a neighbour or friend to check your house regularly.

• Buy timer switches for lamps and radios to give the impression that someone is home.

• Install an alarm system and ensure the alarm box is clearly visible.

• Don’t leave keys in doors – remove them and keep them close at hand but out of sight where you can easily find them in an emergency.

• Don’t leave your house unattended with windows open and unlocked – even for just a minute.

• If you are in the garden or upstairs, make sure your downstairs doors and windows are closed.

• Never leave a key under a doormat or on a string through the letterbox.

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