Andover carnival accident

Two females were injured at Andover Carnival today (20th July 2014) after an incident on the ‘Music Trip’ ride at around 5:00 pm.

Unconfirmed reports suggest the women were treated by St John Ambulance on the scene, with an ambulance racing to the location, and then leaving Vigo Recreation Ground with the procession stopping to let the emergency service through.

Onlookers describe the barrier raising whilst the ride was in motion, some 6 feet above the ground, leaving the females vulnerable and able to slip through and fall to the ground, the ‘Music Trip’ ride has remained closed, it is unclear if any of the other rides were or were not closed for any period of time after the accident.

Andover police are asking any witnesses to the incident to contact 101.

No one from the Andover Carnival committee was available at the time of publication for comment

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