Andover News - Tesco Andover Deliver Farm to Fork Cooking Courses

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Tesco Extra Andover have progressed their Farm to Fork initiative into the kitchen, with the help of The Children’s Food Trust, which is in place to provide specialist advice, training and support to anyone who provides food for children.

The free Farm to Fork Cooking sessions, specifically designed for children aged 5-13, are taking place in the Tesco café over the next three weeks. The sessions give young, aspiring chefs the chance to learn the essential skills they need to create well-balanced meals.

Andover & Villages was invited along to the first day of cooking in the Andover Tesco café, and was met by a group of very happy and busy children, ranging in age from 8-10. The children had just finished making three tomato pasta dishes and were about to serve them up so they could taste what they had made.

Sophie from the Children’s Food Trust said, “We have been busily making pasta sauce with the children today, using tinned tomatoes, garlic, mushrooms, chorizo, olives, tinned tuna and other ingredients that are easy to keep in the cupboard and fridge, to show just how easy it is to make a good, healthy, home cooked dinner, which is also affordable.” Sophie went on to say, “Every day, over the three-day course, the children will make one dish to try, as soon as it is made, and one to take home and finish cooking for their families. Today we are making fruit parcels to take home that can be popped in the oven to share with their families.”

The children on today’s course clearly were enjoying themselve, whilst learning lots about home cooking and food preparation. Bud, who was on today’s course, said to Sophie, “Is it only for three days?” When Sophie told him it was, he replied disappointedly, “Oooohhhhhhhhh”.

At the end of the course, Sophie asked the children lots of questions about foods, their origins and tastes, and the children were all eager to take part and answer the questions – a real treat three days for all involved.

All children left for home with their parents, armed with their Farm to Fork Apron, a bag with today’s main ingredient, pasta, and a cook book.

The courses are fully booked up for the Summer Holidays, but do watch out for other courses Tesco Extra lays on.

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Ed Comment – apologies for the photograph quality, there was a camera malfunction on arrival at the venue

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