Andover News - Opportunistic Thieves Attack St Mary Bourne

Opportunistic thieves struck the sleepy village of St Mary Bourne on Tuesday evening/Wednesday morning.

Two residential properties and The George Inn were all victims of thieves, who literally moved through the village, sweeping from property to property.

Phil Cockcroft, who is the new landlord of the popular central village pub, said, “They took one of the windows out at the back to get in. They attempted to break into the fruit machine, but as it was alarmed, they couldn’t get in, so they took the whole cigarette machine out of the building and emptied it of cigarettes and all of the money inside, the machine was left empty outside.”

The George Inn was also broken into back in January 2014.

If you have any information on the spate of break ins, contact Hampshire Police on 101.


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