Andover News - Midweek Advertiser On Hold Whilst Under Review

Photo by Paul Scicluna

A Newsquest spokesperson confirmed to Andover & Villages today that The Andover Midweek Advertiser will not be printed this week, or again for some weeks, whilst the paper is reviewed.

A spokesperson told Andover & Villages, “The Midweek Advertiser’s future will be decided in the next few weeks whilst the paper is on hold. The decision will be made to either merge the Midweek into the main Friday paper, continue, or just to shut it down.”

The ABC figures for the Midweek Advertiser were registered as having an average weekly distribution of 15,679 for the period of 2012-2013, a massive drop from the ABC figure of 30,157 that was recorded in 2000.

ABC verify print media figures across the UK, ensuring that readers and advertisers are being told the truth regarding distribution.

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