Smoothers and Shakers was already a great addition to Andover High Street, but the news came through this week that the team have started to provide a variety of healthy lunches, on top of the already popular smoothies and juices on offer.

Bringing to Andover, for the first time, Dorthe Thomas, the brains behind Smoothers & Shakers, has put together a healthy and fantastic variety of healthy lunches.

Fresh Sushi Rolls, Sashimi Rolls, Open Danish Sandwiches and Salad are now on offer at really reasonable prices.

Andover & Villages was invited along on the launch day of the lunches and tried a Mozzarella Salad (£3.99) and a Pastrami Open Danish Sandwich (£2.99), along with a Large Very Berry Smoothie and a Sweet & Smooth Milkshake.

The moment we walked in, the first thing I heard was someone saying, “You can tell it’s fresh,” as he was eating his recently-purchased, and freshly-prepared, sushi.

The sandwiches and salad are beautifully presented in take out boxes, with a window on top to show everything off to perfection. The salad was packed into the box and was full of lettuce, cucumber, tomato and mozzarella balls. This truly is one of the freshest salads I have ever eaten; a perfect amount of salad dressing is provided in the box in a separate pot, which lifts the salad, bringing a vibrant and tangy edge.

The Open Danish Sandwich is not something I have come across before, and with Dorthe being Danish herself, this is the perfect place to try one. The sandwiches are available in a variety of versions, but I chose the Pastrami as I am not a huge fish lover. The sandwich starts with a rye bread, topped with lettuce, cheese, pastrami, gherkins (which I removed, because I’m not a fan of them) and crispy fried onions.

The pastrami was fresh and peppery, the lettuce fresh and crisp, the cheese added a creamy soft texture to the sandwich, and the onions were a surprising magnificent addition, adding both texture and taste to the already bursting-with-flavour experience.

The Very Berry Smoothie was even better than the last smoothie I had the week Smoothers & Shakers opened, and was a complete taste sensation, exploding with berries, cold and refreshing – yum!

The Sweet & Smooth Milkshake was like its namesake, sweet and smooth with a beautiful flavour, banana bursting through the milky drink.

Give Smoothers and Shakers a try for your lunch. They are only in the Pop Up Shop for a few more weeks and if Andover does not use its services, it will have to close after its 5 week stay.

Sushi and Sashimi boxes – £3.99

Salad Boxes – £3.99

Open Sandwiches – £2.99

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Andover Good Food Guide - Healthy Lunches at Smoothers & Shakers

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