Andover News - Beware Peoples Postcode Lottery Scam

A well executed scam is landing on Andover & Village resident’s door mats, announcing that the recipient of the letter has won a large 6 figure sum, and that in order to collect the prize, all the addressee needs to do is contact the number on the letter to collect their prize.

It sounds easy enough, but Hampshire Police warn that it is a well known scam and the letter should be thrown directly into the bin.

Andover resident Julia received one of the letters this week, and despite being educated and savvy, had to think twice before realising it was a scam. Julia told Andover & Villages, “It is really important for people receiving these letters to remember: if you haven’t entered it, you haven’t won it.” Julia went on to say, “If I can save one person from falling victim to this horrible fraud, then I will be happy.”

There is a real ‘Peoples Postcode Lottery’ that is in place to raise money for charity, but again, you do need to buy a ticket before you can win anything.

If you want help and/or advice on Scam Post, please visit

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Andover News - Beware Peoples Postcode Lottery Scam

Andover News - Beware Peoples Postcode Lottery Scam

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