Andover News - Andover Town Council Meeting - Thursday 4th September 7.30pm

Andover Town Council met at The Guildhall in Andover, at 7pm on Thursday 4th September 2014. Members of the public and press are welcome at the meetings.

Current chairman, Geoff McBride (GMB), opened the meeting at 7pm, prompt, and took the meeting directly to the first item.

1. Apologies for Absence

Cllr Lynn

Cllr North

Cllr Bird

Cllr Hughes

Cllr Khuman

2. Declarations of Interest


3. Minutes

Council minutes from 11/06/14

Item C 25/14 – Barbara Long said that Andover Town Council hadn’t had to pay the £1,000 towards the flags and banners put into the town, as stated in the minutes, and so asked for it to be removed.

Wendy Coulter said that the minute would remain, because it was a reflection of what was said.

4. Public Participation

Geoff McBride asked if there were any comments from the public and, if there were, they would need to be kept to a 3 minute contribution time.

No comments.

5. Chairman’s Announcements

Geoff McBride said that he had been on holiday, and that there were some interesting things happening, especially with the Youth Council, but that he would leave it to them to announce it. Geoff McBride went on to say that he would be attending an Andover Vision meeting next week.

Geoff McBride said that David Drew would talk about the Andover to Ludgershall Heritage Rail track later in the meeting.

6. Committee Meetings

Zilliah Brooks said that there were a couple of things she wants to talk about. One was that she wanted to thank Barbara Long for organising the vigil, on 4th Aug 2014 and that over 200 people attended. She said that the best bit was when everyone went outside with candles, and that, even though it was hard to get the people outside, it was worth it. She said that there was a minute’s silence and that everyone then walked away quietly and it was very poignant.

The second thing to mention was the football match that Steven Hardstaff was organising, and that it was going really well.

Everyone looked to Steven Hardstaff, and he said, “Yes, I am on the ball.”

This was met with laughter.

Steven Hardstaff went on to say that there was lot of news about the Neighbourhood Plan, and that it was nearly ready for launch. He added there was not much else to add.

Barbara Long said that planning had discussed naming a road after Jill Monroe and that they had felt it was appropriate.

7. Review of Council and Committee Terms of Reference

Geoff McBride asked for any questions. There were none.

Proposed by Steven Hardcastle

Seconded by Andy Fitchett

All in Favour

8. Andover Neighbourhood Plan

Geoff McBride thanked Steven Hardstaff, Barbara Long and Veronika Pond for all the work they had done on the Neighbourhood Plan, because there had been a lot of work done on it and there was more to come.

Barbara Long said that they were hoping to launch at the end of September, beginning of October, and that Steven Hardstaff had put up the website so people can get involved. (

Geoff McBride said that he would be asking the press to get involved with getting it out there.

Steven Hardstaff said that the website was up and ready and that there was an email address.

9. Town Centre Partnership

Wendy Coulter said that it had been suggested, that instead of the members of the town centre partnership being listed as Steven Hardstaff and David Drew, that it should be changed to Chair of Policy & Resources Committee and The Chair of Allotments so that when the new elections happened, there would not be an issue of who should sit on the Andover Town Partnership.

Andy Fitchett said that it was a great idea, because, in case the current chair were to explode and die, one would be able to instantly replace.

Zilliah Brooks said that the Chair of Policy and Resources was the most important person to sit on the committee and suggested it read, ‘The Chair of P&R and one other’.

Andy Fitchett said that it was confusing why the chair of allotments be on the Andover Town Centre Partnership committee.

Geoff McBride said that the reason Steven Hardstaff was on the committee was because he had run a business in the town, and suggested it be changed to ‘The Chair of P&R or his/her nominee’.

David Drew suggested the word ‘usually’ be added to ‘Usually the Chair of P&R’

Karen Hamilton said that it didn’t necessarily need to be the Chair of P&R but it did need to be someone from Andover, and that they need to be comfortable with the role.

Geoff McBride said it needed to be the best person.

David Drew said it should say ‘Usually the Chair of P&R and one other’.

Proposed by Karen Hamilton

Seconded by Andy Fitchett

Geoff asked if all were in favour when Barbara Long interrupted to ask if they were voting for David Drew and Steven Hardstaff, or if it were something else.

Geoff McBride explained what the vote was on, and that it needed to be officially voted on.

Zilliah Brooks said that it was to make it official.

Karen Hamilton said that it needed to be in place when elections came around.

The room voted in favour, except for Barbara Long who abstained.

David Drew asked for clarification that they were voting on the members of the Andover Town Partnership, or the Andover Town Partnership management Committee.

10. Reports from Town Centre Summit Groups

David Drew reported that the Andover Town Partnership was growing from strength to strength and there were now 23 members of local businesses, and that all of them had paid around £100 to be a part of it. That money would go towards a pot to pay for events in the town.

David Drew said that Chris Gregory is facing a big issue with communication, and that people don’t know about what is in the town.

One of the examples given was the fact TVBC put lots of bright red flowers in the High Street and didn’t tell any of the shop keepers about them. Another example from David Drew was about the recent A-Board letters given out by Hampshire County Council. Chris Gregory had said that he should have been talked to before the letters were sent out.

David Drew said that better communication was required.

David Drew said that there was to be a refurbishment of the Upper High Street and that this would undoubtedly affect the traders’ footfall and business, and Chris Gregory should be kept informed of what’s going on.

David Drew said that there would be a breakfast meeting for members of the partnership on 2nd October 2014 at 7.30am at The Star and Garter Hotel, where Sir George Young would be the Key Note Speaker.

David Drew said that there would be events that started with the Christmas Lights Switch on, on 21st November 2014, including competitions that would encourage people to spend money in Andover.

There would also be plans in place to look at free Christmas Parking in a similar way to last year, but that there had not in fact been a big take up of the free Christmas parking in 2013.

David Drew said that Chris Gregory had been told by Geoff McBride that David and Steven Hardstaff were at his disposal, and they both thanked Geoff for that.

Geoff McBride laughed and said that he had been stitched up, as he hadn’t said that.

11. Youth Council

Geoff McBride said that there were new, interesting councillors being added to the Youth Council, and that there was a new project he was not allowed to talk about.

12. Finance

Barbara Long said the bill for Mylen Road allotments water supply was a lot at over £500.

Wendy Coulter said that the bill was for a whole year.

Payments up to 3rd September 2014.

Andy Fitchett proposed.

Steven Hardstaff seconded.

All in Favour.

Accounts up to 31 July 2014.

Karen Hamilton proposed.

Andy Fitchett seconded.

All in Favour.

13. Questions from Councillors


14. Reports from Councillors

Veronika Pond said that in August she had attended a WW1 memorial in Winchester, and she wanted to thank Hampshire County Council.

Barbara Long said that the window she had decorated for 1914 had been a great success, and that she had been asked to do another for 1915. Barbara said that she had read a whole year of papers for the 1914 window, and would have to do it again for 1915. Barbara seemed happy to be undertaking this project.

David Drew said Barbara was living in the past.

Barbara said it was something like that.

David Drew said he would be brief, but spoke at length about the Andover – Ludgershall Heritage Railway, including the visit to Swanage to look at their heritage railway.

Andy Fitchett said that he would be brief and would teach David Drew the meaning of the phrase. This was met with much laughter.

Andy Fitchett said that he had attended a service in Winchester to commemorate WW1, and that it was very moving and special.

Geoff McBride said that he had visited a youth club, run by Mo Sweeney, and that he was expecting a Scout Hut with children running around, but it had been exceptional with many well-behaved teenagers in attendance.

15. Reports from Borough and County Councillors

Geoff McBride asked if TVBC Councillor, Iris Andersen, had anything to say.

Iris Andersen said she didn’t.

The next two items were moved to November.

16. Exclusion to Press and Public

17. Personnel

Geoff McBride closed the meeting.

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