Andover News - Andover Families get Fit with free Fun-Filled Healthy Lifestyle Programme

Parents from Andover with young children can sign up for a free healthy lifestyle programme which benefits both them and their child.

The MEND programme (which stands for Mind, Exercise, Nutrition…Do It) is set to be held at Andover Leisure Centre from Tuesday 23 September.

The programme, which is funded in Andover by Aster Communities, has been developed by experts in child health to help five to seven-year-olds, who are above a healthy weight, become fitter, healthier and happier.

During the 10-week course children will try new healthy snacks and take part in fun games and activities.

At the same time, parents will learn fun new ways to play with their child, stop temper tantrums, take the fuss out of food and encourage healthy lifestyles for the whole family.

Liz Murray, Valley Leisure’s programme manager for MEND 5-7 in Andover, said: “Encouraging your child to eat healthily can be tough.  At MEND 5-7 parents learn how to make small changes to the food their family eats and it gives them creative and fun ways to get their child more active. 

“Children leave MEND with more energy and brimming with self-confidence. While parents have the confidence and enthusiasm to continue with the healthy changes long after the programme has ended. I would recommend MEND to any parent in Andover who is concerned about their child’s weight.”

Liz added: “This is the second MEND 5-7 programme to come to Andover and we are hoping to build upon the success of the first programme by helping more families to eat better and be more active.”

Places are limited, so anyone who thinks their child is above a healthy weight and would like to register for the MEND programme should contact Liz Murray as soon as possible.

To contact her call 01264 347113 or email

Andover News - Andover Families get Fit with free Fun-Filled Healthy Lifestyle Programme

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