Andover News - Andover College High Achieving Ttudents Support Local Charity Breathtakers

Picture caption (from l to r) Lydia Moulding, Lili Mclean, Lynne Thompson (Founder), James Dye (Lecturer), Eloise Woodford, Kiana Martin, Kiri Thompson (Breathtaker’s ambassador)

High Achieving Andover College students have successfully put theirs skills to work helping locally based international charity, Breathtakers.   Part of an active citizenship project, the students have been busy promoting awareness and raising money for the charity which supports a rare respiratory condition called Obliterative Bronchioltis (OB).

Whilst researching various charities to support, the team decided on Breathtakers having heard from Kiri Thompson, one of the students on the  team but also an ambassador for the charity with which she shares a personal connection.  Kiri’s mother Lynne Thompson actually founded Breathtakers, the only UK registered charity which ‘specifically’ supports Obliterative Bronchiolitis.

Andover’s High Achievers embraced the challenge of promoting awareness and raising money for the charity.  Across the campus and out into the town, industrious talents were put to work variously baking, performing and even bag packing in a concerted effort.  Students were responsible for running the activities and campaign themselves, contacting local businesses and the local media for support.  As a result of all their efforts the students raised £130.00 for the charity.

Breathtakers’ aim is to specifically raise awareness and help meet the needs of those suffering worldwide from a rare respiratory condition OB, or Obliterative Bronchiolitis.  Often misdiagnosed, due to lack of awareness even in the medical profession, OB has life limiting effects such as shortness of breath and susceptibility to chest infection.

Andover College’s High Achievers’ are mentored through challenges on a programme which stretches intellect and aims to take students to new levels of achievement. A series of specially tailored activities and opportunities have been designed to enhance personal development and enable these gifted and talented students, to reach their true potential.


For further information on the High Achiever’s programme please either visit or call 01264 36000.

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