Cllr Andy Fitchett Resigns

North West Hampshire Labour Party are excited to announce that their candidate for the General Election is local resident Andy Fitchet.

Andy was raised in Andover after his family settled here with the Army. He went to two local schools and has worked in various places across the town and constituency. He is a part time Baptist minister and has been an Andover Town Councillor for 7 years.

Responding to the selection Andy said: ‘I am honoured and excited to have been chosen as the Labour candidate for North West Hampshire. To be chosen to represent your home and the people I know and love is a great honour.

I think we deserve a truly local MP, one who lives here and knows the area like the back of their hand. Having been raised here, worked here and made this my home, I think I will be able to be just that.

Locally I have a plan to bring life back into our area and to make our community the best place to grow up, live, work and retire in.

My plan for North West Hampshire is a simple one, but one I think will deliver results and see the changes we need to bring life back into our towns and villages. If elected I will:

1. Continue to live here – it may sound simple, but if you don’t live, shop, meet friends, spend time in and around the constituency how can you really know what the true problems are.

2. Meet with and write to business and shops to ‘sell’ our area to them. Encourage businesses and shops to come here and to bring life back into our High St’s and villages.

3. Ensure that our hospitals stay open and that we have good access to GP’s.

4. Be visible and accountable.

5. Work with people to solve problems that are so prevalent in our area, such as developers not finishing jobs on new housing developments and Housing Associations trying to pass the buck to residents for their own neglect.

6. Actively support our local charities and community organisations by promoting their work and attending their events.

7. Stand up for the most marginalised in our community.

Labour’s plan nationally is a radical and timely one. Excuses are made for why we can’t fund the NHS properly or schools properly but that is a political decision not an economic one. If there is enough money to cut corporation tax for Google and Starbucks and cut inheritance tax then there is enough money to make sure we are all well-educated and well looked after when we are sick.’

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