Shopping with kids? – Shopping at Lidl might have got a lot more fun (tantrum-free), maybe?

The budget supermarket has recently told Andover and Villages they’re set to introduce these ‘Fun Size Trolleys’ for children in their Andover store.

The mini-trolleys will be rolled out to more than 250 UK stores, according to Lidl – The successful trial last year named after ‘Lidl’s Oaklands Fun Size’ range of miniature fruit and vegetables is deemed to have secured the mini-trolleys.

The Andover store will see a kids’ trolley bay with a total of nine trolleys, each equipped with a lock and ‘Fun Size flag.’

It might be cute to see your mini-me doing their weekly shop with you but, Lidl hopes the trolleys will have an important influence.

The budget supermarket will be introducing these trolleys to the Andover Store at the end of this month, the 28th of February.

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