Aerial photographs taken today show the extent of the flooding in the Watery Lane area, near Upper Clatford. For over a week now, Watery Lane, connecting the village to Andover, has been closed due to the water meadows being unable to cope with the volumes of water they have been holding. The below images looks towards Rooksbury Mill and the A303 with Andover Town in the distance.

These stills taken from a Quad copter’s video footage show how much water the surrounding fields has actually held, as new rivers, lakes and ditches have formed. The photos highlight the importance of the water meadows in protecting the villages and surrounding areas from flood water. The image below shows Upper Clatford Village and to the right, Watery Lane, which from the air, just looks like another river.

All photographs courtesy of William Baldwin

This isn’t the first time that Watery Lane and the surrounding area has seen such flooding. Locals have reported that they have witnessed similar in the past, with many helping others out when they managed to get stuck. The road surfaces were replaced last Summer and, whilst this has removed the potholes, some speculate that the new surface has contributed to the floods this time around.

Andover and Villages would like to see your local photographs highlighting the flooding of the past few weeks. If you’d like to share them please email them over to