Andover Costa Host Coffee Masterclass and Launch New Coffee

Costa have launched a new range of special edition coffee blends, and Andover was one of ten stores out of over 1700 stores nationwide, that hosted a launch event with Costa Maestro Baristas Jack Hughes and Joseph Wood at the helm.

Jack and Joseph are considered to be two of Costa’s brightest stars and both are branch managers.

The first in the new limited edition roasts, Old Paradise St No 3, was revealed at the exclusive, invite only event and, with the experienced help of Jack and Joseph, guests were talked through tasting to the best it could be.

Guests were first given a large glass of water and then an espresso of Costa’s classic blend, Mocha Italia. In order, guests were then encouraged to spray the back of the throat and swallow, drink water and then take a mouthful and hold under the tongue and then swallow, take some more water and then have a normal sip. This, we were told was the best way to taste a coffee to its best.

Guests were then given an espresso of the new blend and the same tasting cycle was repeated. The new roast tasted sweet and slightly peppery.

After the tasting, cups of Old Paradise St No.3 in a flat white were handed out. Normally a lover of coffee with sugar, this peppery sweet coffee, did not need it.

Guests were invited to go behind the counter and taught how to make their favourite cups of coffee. The night was a great success with popular Andover Costa Manager, Yvonne, overseeing the seamless running of the evening.

You can try Old Paradise St No.3 at Andover’s Costa now and it will be available until the limited supplies run out.

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