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Supermarkets around Andover are struggling to keep up with the demand for coronavirus related panic buying.

Panic buying has spread across the country since confirmed cases of the Coronavirus were announced Public Health England, with news outlets reporting scenes of fighting over packets of toilet rolls.

In particular, toilet rolls and handwash are flying off the shelves, but dried pasta, rice, bottled water and tinned food are also being bulk bought by worried members of the public.

Panic buying warning sign andover tesco

One Andover resident told Andover & Villages, “I am so worried that if we as a family were to be isolated, that we would not have enough food to live on, I just want to get enough supplies to keep us going for a few weeks.”

Another local said, “My elderly father lives alone, I feel that I need to make sure I have enough food and toiletries for us and if the worst happens.”

Tesco has put up signs around the Andover store indicating low stocks of certain items.

Local shops in surrounding villages are also being subject to shelf stripping, with the co-op stores in Whitchurch and Overton having their supplies of handwash, toilet rolls, toothpaste and aerosols all selling out as soon as the shelves are stocked.

Andover Lesure Centre announced today (8th March 2020) that it has closed down for the minimum of 24 hours due to a visitor having been diagnosed with coronavirus.

Peter Symonds College also announced today that one of its students has been confirmed as a diagnosed case of the COVID-19 virus.

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