In February when Councillor Iris Andersen helped Andover College launch the national reading campaign ‘Six Book Challenge’ she was hoping to encourage less confident readers to pick up and enjoy a good book. Two months later Iris was back to celebrate with the College’s first challenge completers Taylar Butts and Chelsea Hazlehurst.

Commenting on her achievement Chelsea said: “The best thing a child can get is a library card. That to me is like the golden ticket in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory because that’s you going on an adventure in a book. If you can get children into reading when they are young, they will love it for the rest of their lives.”

The Six Book Challenge is run by the charity, the Reading Agency, whose mission is to give everyone an equal chance in life by helping people become confident and enthusiastic readers. One in six adults struggles to read. The Six Book Challenge builds people’s reading confidence and literacy skills, improving their life chances.

At Andover College over 65 challengers registered for the challenge. The theme this year is Read Anything. Read Anywhere. This includes newspapers, poems, plays, websites, books and more.

Assistant Principal Stuart Barlow joined Iris and the two student completers commenting: “My kindle is what carries me through my reading. I have found new authors through my Kindle and that is one of the values of this technology.”

Assistant Learning Resources Manager, Moira Johnson who led this year’s Six Book Challenge at Andover College concludes: “The more people read, the more confident they are about talking about what they have read. So their communication skills are improved, which are good employability skills.”

Andover College offers a range of resources to support reading including teenage fiction, graded readers and quick reads. These include print, online and multimedia resources to support learning and to engage students in what interests them. A partnership link has been developed for inter-library loans.

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