Andover Voted as Business Improvement District

Andover Business Improvement District (BID) which started on 1 st April is already beginning to impact positively on the town after its first month, says Andover BID.

Steve Godwin BID Manager said “I am delighted with the progress that the BID has made. It has been an extremely busy few weeks and we have a great deal to do, but we are already making an impact and beginning to deliver on the pledges set out in our 2019-2024 Business Plan.

We are listening to the needs of businesses and acting where we can on initiatives that will add additionality.”

BID Manager has been appointed and is in position and active in the town

The first of two-pop up shops are let and a new business to the town opened on May 1st

The introduction of a Waste Charter is underway and will shortly be launched in the town A town

Two-Way Radio scheme is under consideration and being debated with BID businesses.

A BID website is under construction and is about to go live!

Free town Wi-fi is being negotiated.

The Food Fair, new to Andover and being brought to the town by BID – 12th May – A major sponsor is secured Visits to businesses by the BID Manager are now taking place

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