Local news | Andover ASDA Pigeon Problem EscalatesThe pigeon problem in ASDA has escalated this week, with customers snapping pictures of pesky vermin flying around the Andover store.

A customer contacted Andover & Villages and said, “I watched as the pigeon landed on the fish counter and walked around the fish, the sales assistant shooed the pigeon away and it flew away and landed on the pizza making area.

“I asked staff what they would do to catch the bird and they said that it would probably just die.

“We watched the pigeon excrement by the fruit and vegetable aisles, its disgusting, I am not sure I can shop there again.”

Andover & Villages reported in July 2015 that Andover’s ASDA store had been thrust into the spotlight, after a concerned customer took pictures inside the store of a large amount of bird excrement on shop fittings, directly above the fresh produce aisles.

Andover & Villages contacted ASDA’s head office to ask what they intend to do to rectify the continuing issue of birds and contamination in their Andover store, a spokesperson said, “It’s proving difficult for colleagues to catch our feathered friend, and the relevant authorities will be attending store soon to rescue him.”

Trading standards advise that, birds can carry bacteria such as Salmonella and Campylobacter. Contamination can occur when they feed or from their droppings.

Mites carried by birds or downy feathers from their wings can contaminate food products.

Local news | Andover ASDA Pigeon Problem Escalates

Local news | Andover ASDA Pigeon Problem Escalates

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