Our Authors

Meet the content cereators and the wonderful group of dedicated volunteers

Anna Hall

CEO & Editor

Anna has almost 20 years in the media industry. As Editor of Andover and Villages, she strives to bring the latest and greatest news with a minutes notice. Anna can be contacted via editor@andoverandvillages.co.uk or alternatively called at

Gabriel Ingram

Content & SEO Consultant

Gabriel is dedicated to bringing the latest Andover news within a minutes notice. Gabriel also deals with SEO and Outreach services. E: Gabriel@andvillages.co.uk T: +44 7366386033 - 244

Warren Wilson

Chief Technical & Content Creator

Warren deals with everything technical and often writes for Andover and Villages

Barry Wiley


Barry is an Outreach executive for Andover and Villages and Star Media Group

Adam Phillips

Volunteer Content Creator

Adam creates a multitude of content for Andover and Villages on behalf of his brand 'It's The Money Guy' including Videos and other Financial content!