Anodver 13yo Given Criminal Behaviour OrderA 13-year-old boy has been ordered to comply with a Criminal Behaviour Order following a hearing at Basingstoke Youth Court on May 14.

Officers from the Andover Neighbourhood Policing Team, supported by partners from Test Valley Borough Council, applied for the order under the new anti-social behaviour legislation.

The teenager received the order after being convicted for burglary and shoplifting in 2014.

The 12 month order bans him from:

Behaving in a disorderly manner or otherwise cause harassment, alarm or distress to persons not of his household who are residents of or visitors to Camelot Close, Andover.

Loitering outside Tescos, Cricketers Way, Andover.

Behaving in a disorderly manner towards the staff or customers of Tescos, Cricketers Way, Andover or otherwise cause damage or attempt to cause damage to the premises.

Congregating in a public place in Hampshire in a group of two or more people in a manner causing or likely to cause any person to fear for their safety.

Being found in a public place in Hampshire between 9pm and 7am unless being accompanied by an appropriate adult.

Sergeant Anna Davies from Andover Neighbourhood Policing Team said: “The teenager’s actions have caused significant anxiety to residents in Andover for a considerable period of time.

“We, with our partners, had made many efforts to work with the him to address his behaviour and actions however he unfortunately continued to act in a manner which was not acceptable to the local community.

“The order is designed to tackle anti-social behaviour and provides the police with the power to arrest if any breaches of the order occur.

“This order gives a clear message that anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated and shows our commitment to reducing anti-social behaviour and crime in our local community.”

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