Local News | Ladies Walk Declared No Go for TravellersGates and barricades are being installed around Ladies Walk and Micheldever Road in an attempt to stop travellers camping there.

Earlier this month, a broken gate that had allowed travellers to camp on Micheldever Road in March 2015, had its padlock replaced and two mounds of cement and dirt piled up on the road behind it, barricading the entrance.

Today, (21st April 2015) a gate has been installed by the farmer who maintains the field behind Highlands Road.

The area around Ladies Walk in Andover is regularly plagued with travellers, in July 2014 travellers camped in the field behind houses in Highlands Road. Eleven vehicles drove into the field in total, four of which were caravans, the rest were cars and vans.

The rubbish and damage left behind was so severe and widespread that it was only able to be cleared away in early 2015.

Andover & Villages spoke to the Friends of Ladies Walk Group, who said, “The Friends group is pleased to see the Landowners responding to concerns about the field from users and neighbours.

“Hopefully this will stop any repetition of the mess and damage caused last year by the small group of caravans that took up residence for a few weeks.”

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