The road to Fullerton, in Abbotts Ann, is once again blocked by a large amount of fallen trees. Residents of the local village of Fullerton had misery and destruction over the festive period, when the conifers that line the road towards their village fell on the power lines. Work was carried out by the power company, over a long period of time, during which many more trees were physically removed to allow repairs to be undertaken.

All photographs courtesy of Kathryn Dawson

New telegraph poles had been erected in the past month, but yet again, the trees are down on the lines causing destruction, particularly for locals who already have restricted routes around the villages, due to last night’s storms.

Signposting is poor, and a flimsy amount of white tape, strung across the road, is all there is in place to stop people venturing down it. That, and the towering trees are precariously balanced on power lines.

At the Red Rice end of Fullerton road there are no signs in place to stop people travelling down towards the blockage, so be careful when out and about along the country lanes today. If you’re walking, take care along the road, particularly in this area. The power cables are actually on the roadside in places and are concealed with fallen trees, branches and foliage.

The incident is just beyond the Barrow Hill crossroads. Diversionary routes are recommended through Goodworth Clatford, although take care when passing through the main village street and out towards Anna Valley, as the water levels are increasing dramatically. If you have any photos of local storm impact that you’d like to share please send them in to


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