Travel News | A303 Speeders Reported to Court | Andover & VillagesEighteen drivers were stopped over the weekend and reported to court for speeding – including one person caught driving at 120mph.

Officers from the Roads Policing Unit were carrying out proactive patrols across the county on Saturday 30 June and Sunday 1 July and reported the drivers to court because they were driving at speeds far in excess of the threshold to be dealt with by way of a conditional fixed penalty ticket.

One driver, a 40-year-old man from London, was even caught travelling at 120mph on the A303 – that’s 50 mph over the speed limit for that stretch of road. Other drivers stopped and reported for exceeding the speed limit recorded speeds of 100mph, 101mph, 102mph, 106mph, 108mph and 110mph.

Three drivers were also reported for exceeding the 30mph speed limit on the A338 in Salisbury, with speeds recorded at 51mph, 55mph and 58mph.

The driver caught travelling at 58mph was also found to have two bald tyres.

PC Will Ayres said: “All 18 drivers stopped were exceeding the speed limit so much that they could not be dealt with at the roadside with a conditional fixed penalty ticket, and will now have to attend court.

“The speed limits are there for a reason, and if you aren’t driving within these limits you aren’t in proper control.

“This was a sunny weekend and I think drivers can often become a bit complacent and relaxed in these conditions– warm weather combined with roads you feel familiar with is no excuse and I would urge all road users to remain vigilant at all times. Driving at just a few miles over the limit can lead to tragic circumstances and we do not want to be informing anyone that their loved one has been seriously injured or killed due to speeding.”

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