A303 Scam Moves onto Country RoadsFollowing disturbing reports of a man flagging down motorists on the A303, it seems that the scam has moved to the country roads surrounding the Andover area.

A lone man in a vehicle waves down passing traffic, explaining that he has run out of petrol and exchanges cash for a phone or an item of jewellery that is allegedly worth a large amount of money. The items are worthless.

Catherine Bonter (Police, PCSO, Test Valley District) said, “Over the weekend there have been several reports of motorists being flagged down whilst driving on the outskirts of Andover, by a male requesting money in exchange for his phone or jewellery. He explains that he requires money for petrol, but this appears to be a false claim.

“If you are unsure about someone’sĀ intentions or concerns are raised, please drive on and report such incidents via 101.”

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