Andover Local News | A303 Jumper Ditches Boyfriend | Andover & VillagesThe A303 at Bullington Cross was closed in both directions for a short time this morning following reports of what was believed to be a woman jumping from a car.

Police cars attended the scene and officers were seen to be looking into a ditch.

However, a witness has since told Andover & Villages that his daughter spotted the woman in the undergrowth when the cars had all been stopped by police as their search commenced.

He said: “I went and had a look and it was a women sat on the floor. I asked her what she was doing

“My wife ran up the A303 to fetch the police. While she was gone I spoke to the lady. She told me she had a big argument with her partner and that she got out the car and he drove off and left her.

“She tried walking along the grass edge but she decided to get away from the road as it was dangerous. As she did she slipped down the embankment and hurt her ankle, possible broken.

“She was fine and well when the police got to her to help her up and check her ankle.”

Police re-opened the road as soon as the woman had been located.


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