A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Wedding DJWell it’s certainly an important decision. For one, we’ve all seen how bad things can get if you hire the wrong person for your wedding.

More importantly, the DJ, of all the people you hire for your wedding, probably has the greatest impact on how your guests remember your big day.

Sure, a few might “oooo” and “awww” over your flowers. And, of course, a particularly talented caterer might have a few guests reminiscing about the food for a week or two.

But the DJ, on the other hand, will be the one who sets the mood for the event. A good wedding DJ will be able to read the room, have everyone up and dancing and, ultimately ensure everyone has a great time. On the other hand, a bad wedding DJ can kill the mood of even the most party-ready reception crowd.

So, to ensure you end up with the right man or woman behind the turntable, here’s some advice on how to choose a wedding DJ:

Use referrals: As with any other wedding professional, ask people you know and trust for recommendations. Your best bet is to go with a DJ a friend or family member has seen in action, rather than someone’s cousin who “DJs.” Also wedding halls can be a good reference – they’ve seen the whole spectrum, from awesome to awful. They’ll help steer you in the right direction.

Meet and interview your DJ: It’s important that you meet the DJ and get a feel for what he or she is like. You should probably interview several DJs before you make your choice. The Music Man DJ Service has a list of excellent questions you should go over with each of your potential choices. And make sure you go through all of the questions so you don’t end up with any surprises. Also, if you’re going with a company, make sure you know which DJ will actually be showing up.

Consider your budget: Some DJs are pretty expensive, while some are actually relatively cheap. It’s probably not a good idea to go with either extreme. Make sure you stick to your budget – there are a enough options out there that you shouldn’t need to spend any more on a DJ than you’ve allocated. That being said, you get what you pay for. If you find ALL of the DJs at your price range aren’t too your liking, then maybe it’s time to up the budget.

Go with your instincts: Just like, say, a photographer, each DJ will have his or her own personal style. So, before you choose a wedding DJ, think about how each one will mesh with your tastes and, of course, with your guests’ tastes. If you find yourself drawn to one DJ in particular, go with him – even if he’s not the most polished or doesn’t come as highly recommended.

Ultimately, whatever you do, don’t take choosing a wedding DJ lightly. You want your reception to remembered as rocking good time, not a dull snooze fest.

Photo Credit – Andover’s own Wedding DJ, Chris Burford – http://www.djchrisburford.co.uk