Local News | A Board Licensing Scheme Moves ForwardThe pilot A-Board licensing scheme is continuing to evolve as TVBC has applied for permission from itself to place up to 70 A-Boards within a defined boundary of Andover Town Centre.

The request is for a temporary one year siting of up to 70 A-Boards to be displayed by businesses in the town centre.

The licensing of the A-Boards is being run by Hampshire County Council under Section 115 A-K of the Highways Act 1980.

TVBC Cllr David Drew told Andover & Villages, “As a very recent member of the Town Centre Management Board, I was involved in discussions between Hampshire County Council and Test Valley Borough Council to attempt to resolve this matter. TVBC has now submitted its own application to give permission for up to 70 ‘A’ board signs in the Town Centre.

“If the application is permitted by the committee, this, along with the HCC licencing scheme will see Andover begin a one year trial.”

“I would ask that anyone who wants to express a view, either way, to councillors on the Northern Area Planning Committee, they can do so by emailing them on NAPC@testvalley.org.uk

The full application can be read by clicking HERE

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