A Gleeson Homes planning application for up to 85 homes on Goch Way, has been given the go ahead on appeal after TVBC refused the initial application.

The building firm requested costs to be awarded against TVBC in the appeal, which was agreed, however the amount has yet to be settled.

The appeal was decided by an Inspector for the Planning Inspectorate, which a Government body.

The report focuses on the following main points;

(1) Whether or not the proposed development’s conflict with development plan policies relating to development outside settlement boundaries would be outweighed by housing land supply considerations, so as to justify in principle granting planning permission for the development.

(2) The effect of the proposed development on the character and appearance of the surrounding areas.

(3) Whether the proposed development would comprise sustainable development for the purposes of the National Planning policy Framework.

The inspector noted in the report, the discrepancies in TVBC’s figures for annual new homes in the area and questioned if the Council could demonstrate a five-year supply of deliverable sites.

When addressing the character and appearance, the inspector pointed out the large amount of overhead power lines in the area, in addition to large pylons within the site itself. Additionally, the Saxon Fields Development can be seen from various vantage points. It is also stated in the report that urban development need not be unattractive.

The Inspector reported, “There would be significant economic, social and environmental benefits arising from the development, as indicated above, to which I attach substantial weight. My conclusion is that those benefits would clearly outweigh the harm identified, whether or not the council was able to demonstrate a 5-year supply of housing land. Consequently, it would amount to sustainable development within the meaning of the Framework, and the appeal should therefore be allowed.”

The full appeal decision can be seen by clicking HERE

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