Andover Lifestyle News | 53% Of Us Will Spend Less Than £10 On Father's Day |Andover & VillagesNew research conducted by William May, specialists in vintage and pre-owned jewellery, has revealed how much people are planning on spending this Father’s Day, and the results show a welcome change in perception!

More than half of people who responded (53%) said they would only be spending between £0 and £10.

18% of respondents said they would spend between £10 and £20, while numbers dropped even further to 13% for gifts between £20 and £30.

Is there a new trend emerging on giving gifts that aren’t valued by price tag and instead by the amount of thought and love that has gone into it? Will more people either be opting for a route of ‘things money can’t buy’ or a timeless gift that they can have with them for years?

It certainly seems that way. William May spoke to five dads to get their opinions on what they would really like for Father’s Day, including some award-winning dad bloggers and an author.

Tom Briggs, blogger at the award-winning Diary of the Dad wants more quality time: “To be honest, the only thing I really want for Father’s Day is a money-can’t-buy thing: time. Despite working for myself and from home, I still struggle to fit everything in so more time with my family would be lovely.”

John Adams of Dad Blog UK wanted more time to do nothing: “Money can’t buy relaxation time! I genuinely find there aren’t enough hours in the day so to have some time to relax with my family without having to feed them, do homework, take them to after school clubs, etc, would be marvellous.”

Nick Withington, Managing Director of William May and a dad himself, gives his thoughts on the day:

“Of course the gift of time is priceless and it’s not surprising that so many dads are looking for quality time with their loved ones in the busy world we live in. Why not mark the occasion with a keepsake – a token gesture and something they can keep forever? A gift that shows thought and care behind it means so much more as it comes from the heart and shows you’ve spent time on it.”

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