Harrow Way’s Eco Club ensures that with the introduction of a range of exciting new projects, the school holds the environment at the forefront of its agenda. The school is combating waste, pollution and litter with the aid of the Eco Club and a number of partners as it works towards becoming more environmentally friendly.

Donna Robertson, the teacher leading the Eco Club explains further: “With 934 students and over 120 staff on site, the Harrow Way community can produce a lot of waste. The Eco Club has a two-prong approach. Firstly we are trying to educate our community about how they can make changes to reduce their impact on the environment and secondly where there is waste, the Club has introduced a number of initiatives to ensure this is managed in an environmentally friendly way as possible.”

Harrow Way has partnered up with a number of external organisations including SSI SCHAEFER, a world leader in waste engineering. It generously donated 12, 140 litre wheeled bins, 6x 15 litre and 6x 30 litres of carry caddies to the school. Test Valley Borough Council’s experts have been mentoring the Eco Club and have also donated a special bin so that students and staff can continue their good work in recycling crisp packets. A number of students from Harrow Way have been working on their various initiatives with Andover Trees United.

The building of a wall of plastic bottles around the half-mile school field is an important effort underway that will both have a symbolic meaning while serving a functional role. This will display the size of what is usually discarded and also stop garbage from reaching the school site in order to keep wildlife safer.

Year 7s will not contribute to the contents of the wall, however, as Harrow Way has introduced reusable water bottles to reduce their single-use plastic for all new starters. Mrs Robertson continues: “Year 7s won’t miss out on helping us become a more environmentally aware and friendly school as we have also introduced litter picking duties and we also ensure that all paper used in the classrooms is properly recycled.”

A significant change for both staff and students is the removal of plastic cutlery in the canteen of the school, opting instead to use wood. All organic waste from the catering department and the staff room will now be composted into the latest composter.

Ms Robertson concludes: “We have to equip this younger generation with the knowledge and skills to be more environmentally conscious and environmentally friendly. It needs to become second nature and we hope that by embedding these habits now, our students will act as positive ambassadors when in their own homes and away from school.”

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