Town Mill transformation

The northern planning committee of Test Valley Borough Council gave the green light to the £ 1.3 m Town Mill waterfront initiative.

Last afternoon, councillors took the proposal away to completely reform the region around Andover’s Town Mills pub.

It will be fully converted into a scenic public park that will display the river and integrate a fresh mutual bike and footpath from Western Avenue and boardwalk along the waterfront.

The job will require cutting off vehicle entry from Bridge Street to Town Mill Road, with a fresh entrance to current parking and companies from Western Avenue.

As part of the 2016/17 Andover Vision renewal consultation, many of the 4,000 respondents were keen to see more made of the Anton River in the center of the city.

Residents said they wished to be able to remain, practice, picnic and appreciate the river somewhere.

Councillor Phil North, head of the Test Valley Borough Council, said: “This is totally great news. This is such an interesting undertaking that will signal the beginning of our job to convert the city center of Andover.

“We’re fortunate to have such a lovely river running through the city, but we could do so much more. And over the years, citizens and companies have obtained coherent reviews reflecting that perspective.

The renovation of the city center is my primary concern and I am pleased that we are already having real progress on our trip to improve Andover.’ Councillor Rob Humby, Deputy Head of Hampshire County Council and Executive Member for Economy, Transport and Environment, stated:’ The parking facility facilities will be provided by Hampshire County Council in assistance of the Test Valley Borough Council.

“We have intended it to decrease traffic and enhance the city center air quality by offering a fresh entrance to the Town Mill car park that will guarantee that all the main city car spaces are available from the ring road and enhance cycling and pedestrian transport.

“The County Council is committed to continually supporting our market towns across Hampshire and spending investment resources to assist them proceed to flourish and flourish.”

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